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Dear songwriting friends,

   CCM Studios has an opportunity for you. Thru a colleague that we have done work for in the past, CCM has a new project that will get your song professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered, and released on a professionally packaged compilation CD. That CD will also be marketed throughout Colorado. Here are the details:

1. The compilation EP-CD has a central theme of Grand Lake, Colorado. The sponsors of the project are longtime Grand Lake residents and business people who want to promote Grand Lake thru a musical project.

2. The EP will include 5 songs around Grand Lake specific themes. The genre is country, modern country, and Colorado acoustic roots.    

          a. Winter themed - We need a Christmas song for this compilation. Have not received one yet!

          b. Morning song - waking up in Grand Lake and morning themes (coffee, sunrise, light off the lake, etc…)    

          c.  Evening song - sleeping in Grand Lake and evening themes (sunset, sleeping under the stars, campfire, moose grazing, elk bugling, and reflections of the moon.

3. CLICK HERE  for the lyrical ideas that the sponsors want to be incorporated. It is in a Google document.  Or go here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jp1Yu5vxAqfg3YPfG2GAqqVDQQDI6nvjAEd3Jcmo3gQ/edit?usp=sharing



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4. Submission  - You can submit as many songs based on the categories and lyric themes as you would like. But because of the time it takes to sift thru submissions, feedback on the songs, potential re-write collaborations, etc…, each song submission will be charged a $15 application fee. Demos can be either just single instrument and voice or more fully produced. We will not be accepting vocal only or lyric only submissions.

6. Compensation - If your song(s) are selected, you will receive a $250 payment per song to cover the mechanical license of the 1st 1000 copies of the initial CD run ($91) and a writing fee ($159). After we have the 5 selected songs, CCM Recording Studios will record, mix, and master the songs in preparation for release. 

7. Songs will remain your copyright but publishing will be assigned to myself, Darren Skanson & Skansongs, and the sponsors of the project. CCM will retain ownership of the sound recordings.

8. Submission Deadline is August 17th, 2018. However, we will review all songs as they come in - make a great first impression and get your submissions to us while we have fresh ears!
9. The sponsors have asked that you keep this project confidential to yourself and closest colleagues. ​

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