CCM Studios was very honored to implement The Grand Lake Song Contest which gave an opportunity for 5 songwriters to not only win the $250/song prize but also get their song professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered, and released on a professionally packaged compilation CD marketed throughout Colorado.

We had 29 submissions in the genre of country, modern country, and Colorado acoustic roots.  Our 5 general categories were: General (almost like an advertisement for Grand Lake), summer themed, winter themed, morning song, and an evening song.

CCM presented the 23 non-seasonal and 6 seasonal songs to the patrons on Friday August 24th. Along with the audio cd, CCM provided the lyric sheets for each song and an evaluation sheet with specific ranking criteria so the patrons could organize their thoughts on the songs.

On Friday Sept. 14th, we again met with the patrons and spent the day listening and discussing the songs. As a result of the session 4 non-seasonal and one Christmas song was selected. As a bonus, the patrons also selected an additional winter themed song. So the ep grew from 5 songs to 6 songs. However, the panel did select only 3 writers. One writer got 3 songs selected and the other got 2. I wish in retrospect that I would have put in a stipulation to the patrons that all the songs needed different writers but alas hind sight is 20/20. So let's congratulate the winners.....

Ricky Dean - Where The Waters Touch The Sky, The Beer Drinkin' Moose Of Grand Lake, Santa Moved To Grand Lake

Allen Krehbiel - Grand Lake State Of Mind, Winter In The Mountains With You

Kelly Spicer - Grand Lake Nights


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