• Money2:57
  • A Golden Age3:09
  • Love Cycle2:19
  • Trust Fucked Up2:50




Old School R&B * Hip Hop

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David "C4" Custard Born in the Box Denver, CO by way of Dallas, TX with a obsessive love for Music and his craft for over 16 years.


From David:

My Past job I was a 3rd Class Petty Officer Corpsman for the U.S. NAVY through my tour I experienced a multitude of cultures in Music, Food, and Language Honorably Discharged, and attended The Art Institute of Colorado.

My love for this Craft began at the young age of two with my father being a drummer for his Fathers church, and their embarrassing stories of me "beating on pots and pans in spiderman skivvies".

Both parents kept my engagement to music ever since from my Uncles who play the Alto, Soprano Saxophones, Organs and Keyboards, and Bass Guitar, to all of my Aunts who Sing. Years later, My mother started vocal training my brother, sister and I to make a small gospel trio.

The biggest inspiration came from my Mothers brother who introduced me to my first Drum Sampler Dr. Rhythm which has created the person you see today. In 1996 in DeSoto, TX my love for HipHop grew stronger and Started HTP High, TeK, Playa as a group and my mission is to take it to a whole new level by creating my Label HTP Productions.

My favorite and greatest inspirations started with Timbaland who gave the major push into production with his odd samples and crazy melodies, Jazzy Phae and the soulful felt compositions with classic Funk, Twista, and Tech 9 and their hypnotizing Lyrics and many more to choose from for my inspirations in my music.