Our vintage Trident 80B console was purchased from West Beach Recorders in Hollywood, California.  While at Westbeach our console was used to record artists such as Sublime, Blink 182, MXPX, Bad Religion, The Melvins, Pennywise, NOFX, Good Charlotte and countless others.

In the late '70s Malcolm Toft developed a new series of recording consoles to update Trident's sound for a new generation of musical talent. The result was the Trident Series 80, whose sound quickly became a favorite among the top artists of the day. For decades, Trident's Series 80 consoles have graced world-class recording facilities. This console has played an important role in defining the sound of rock and country music over the past 30 years, and, along with those of other manufacturers including Neve and SSL, it helped to establish British recording and mixing consoles as among the finest in the world.

We’re very proud to offer our clients this amazing console. Arguably one of the finest in the region.   ​

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Our professional recording studio is committed to providing the highest quality recording studio and production services at the most affordable price in Denver.  Our intimate creative space is a perfect place to create, write, produce, and record.  Our team of producers and engineers are experts at helping you find a sound that is uniquely yours.   

At CCM Studios we offer two intimate tracking rooms with real-time video feeds between them for your convenience.  Additionally, CCM is home to one of the finest recording console in the area.  Our vintage Trident 80B provides a big, round, warm sound to your project that you will not find anywhere else in Denver.  Our console combined with our impressive microphone closet, outboard gear, extensive plugin selection, and protools 12 HD system will help take your project to a whole new level.  

Although we are very proud of the equipment we've put together for our clients, we're even more proud of our team of producers and engineers.  At CCM our team is dedicated to helping you define your sound.  Our producers and engineers have years of experience working in some of the finest studios around the world, and with both signed and unsigned artists.  Their work has been heard on countless records, audiobooks, on the radio, and even in television and film.  Regardless of what genre of music you're recording, we have a team member with real world experience to help you make it the best it can be.      

Contact us to set up a consultation (720) 941-6088