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Colorado Recording School

Protools 12


AKG 414

Trident 3T Celebration mic pre-amp

FL Studio

Ableton Live

Apogee Element 24

Studio Project C1 Large Diaphram Condenser

SM 58

We’re very proud to offer our clients this quality gear at an affordable.   ​

STUDIO B- $45/hr

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Our Studio B is committed to providing the highest quality recording while recognizing that sometimes a big studio with multiple rooms is not need for every project.  Our intimate creative space is a perfect place to create, write, produce, and record.  Our team of producers and engineers are experts at helping you find a sound that is uniquely yours.   

Our Studio B is for rap and hip hop only.  Studio B is limited to 3 people - you, one other guest/ artist, and our engineer. AutoTune is not availabe in Studio B. We will not record spoken word or musical instruments in Studio B.

Although we are very proud of the equipment we've put together for our clients, we're even more proud of our team of producers and engineers.  At CCM our team is dedicated to helping you define your sound.  Our producers and engineers have years of experience working in some of the finest studios around the world, and with both signed and unsigned artists.  Their work has been heard on countless records, on the radio, and even in television and film.  Regardless of what genre of music you're recording, we have a team member with real world experience to help you make it the best it can be.      

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